This has to be one of the most exciting releases this year!!! this song is nothing short of amazing ..from the beginning to the the end  the song will get you hooked..even if you dont dance you will find yourself nodding your head throughout the whole song! this song sounds very 70/80’s themed/inspired but you know the interesting thing is that it works!! it doesn’t sound dated at all…my most exciting parts of the song is  the beginning  with the trumpets and the second chorus that he kinda talk/rap sings AMMAAZING ..glad to see great music  making a comeback..i hope radio doesn’t turn a cold shoulder on the song! PROPS to DARKCHILD  for producing it ..make sure u request it a your local radio stations support good music!!



  1. This is a great song, I agree completely! Austin has a great voice and I hope he goes a long way in his career! This guy has talent!!

  2. Amazing song, and complete talent Austin has. I agree this song has that 70s/80s feel to it, but is also modern which i love. This song get’s you hooked right from the beginning with the intruments playing. LOVE this song, and Austin also. He has a great voice, he will go very far in his career because of that unique, creative sound he has to his music.

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