A beautiful song with a beautiful message starts with a simple piano  solo , great  vocal control over the melody. This is one of the songs that makes you stop anything your’e doing to just to listen to what she has to say on the song! i cant lie it has me teary listening , you hardly hear such songs being made nowadays so it exciting to get something as  good as this coming from someone so young .the song builds up from its simple beginning to something big and explosive with her belting out ‘ill be there’ displaying her huge vocal chops .this girl is only 18 years but she proves with this that  she can out sing almost anybody in the industry today..if this is a testament of what her upcoming album is going to be like than am really excited for this project….on the low side of the song it sounds more like a movie soundtrack than first single material ..but hey some of the biggest songs of all time were movie soundtracks soo…i feel the production is not as strong as it could be but nevertheless this is an amazing song and proud of her..and supporting it as soon as its released to itunes!!

you thoughts??



  1. Someone very special sent this song to me last night….its lovely and now has a high sentimental value for me.
    This girl has star quality!!

  2. Great review 🙂
    Tiffany sings with so passion and heart which is quite rare these days..”i`ll be there ” is a beautiful song.Cant wait for her new album.

  3. Nice melody and voice but i feel she should of picked another line instead of( I’ll be there), Thats Michael Jacksons and should remain so.

    • i feel that she was in a way just tryna honor mj..we know shes a big fans ..has said it several times i think this was an indirect way of her tributing him!.

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