‘OH SANTA’ is the lead single for her upcoming Christmas album “Merry Christmas II You”.. now, we all know when it comes to Christmas Music nobody does it better that Queen Mimi!!! She’s just the best in it and there’s no disputing that…I wont lie – I expected a ballad like her classic iconic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ but I think Mariah made the right move. The Music Industry is, at the moment very polluted with dancy songs so releasing a ballad may not even be noticed and radios might turn a cold shoulder. Now, this song has to be one of the most radio friendly songs I’ve heard in along while…its nothing as groundbreaking as her ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and her delivery was reminiscent of a song on memoirs called ‘Candy Bling’ I think thought I may be wrong.
Lets just say its the perfect Chistmas Song for the climate the Industry is in.
My favorite part of “Oh Santa” is towards the end when it builds up and becomes very interesting with the fusion of her beats and trade mark whistle register runs..good stuff!!

you thoughts?



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