Oprah’s Years of Backstabbing

In 1993 Oprah was granted an interview with Michael Jackson – which put her where she is today in my opinion. In this interview and with clips after she tried to make Michael look like an idiot. This is strike one – watch all parts of the interview here on You Tube

Over the years she has not been kind when talking about Michael. In 2005 when MJ was going through the Criminal Trial Oprah did a show about his guilt. (No link available)

After Michael passed away she was on an interview and again she started with her snide remarks and off handedness which always tells people that she did not believe Michael was no guilty – she said “we will never know the truth now that he is gone” – WTF…really Oprah?? Guess what – he was NOT GUILTY!!!! Watch it here on

Oprah did a Tribute Show  for Michael Jackson after he passed away also – or should I say – she did a show about HER feelings about HER interview with him in ’93. Now, I must say I didn’t really expect her to actually tribute him because she has been nothing less than unfair and unbalanced when it comes to MJ but I didn’t expect her to Tribute herself. It was completely deplorable and she could have done a really awesome show talking about him and his humanitarian efforts and all he did for the world but instead – again she flopped. Watch it here on You Tube

Oprah’s most recent MJ folly was a few days ago in Fortune Magazine where she said I quote “The late superstar was so paralyzed by the meteoric success of Thriller that he couldn’t risk his celebrity on a next big thing. “This is why I lived in fear about this network. I kept thinking I have to repeat the 25-year phenomenon of the Oprah show,” she told me. “I don’t want to be Michael Jackson.” Now to me this diminishes everything MJ did after Thriller – she has no right to do that.

Michael didn’t have the ego Oprah has so there is no way one could ever compare the two in any reference!! Oprah need to get with it and stop bringing up Micahels name every time her ratings fall because that seems to be the track record!

Oprah Winfrey is just another backstabber in the Life of Michael Jackson!

Written by Tina @QueenBee_73 AKA @MRSIDRAG4MJ on Twitter~


27 responses to “Oprah’s Years of Backstabbing

  1. I agreed 150% — all of us that love Michael need to do something to open peoples eyes about his Humanitarian work – I know he is resting in peace but here we can not rest in peace until we get justice for him – L-O-V-E —

  2. Is Oprah so narcicisstic that she thinks she is or ever was bigger than Michael Jackson? My daughter who is in her thirties assured me that Oprah is a has been and that no one even in her age group was interested in her ramblings anymore. She has become irrelavant.

  3. Oprah’s already paying for her foul, evil, backstabbing ways. The bitch doesn’t deserve half the respect she gets. She also betrayed Chris Brown after the dv incident. She somehow forgot inviting Chris on her show in to perform and inviting him to perform at her school in South Africa. Phony, two-faced bitch.

    Here’s some interesting connections to consider. Oprah has always been close friends with Quincy Jones, who began to hate Michael for leaving him to work with Teddy Riley & Rodney Jerkins. Quincy convinced producers in the industry NOT to work with Michael and turn many people against him. Oprah always talks about worshiping Paul McCartney, who hated Michael for buying the Beatles catalog. Oprah always admired Diane Sawyer, who is a known MJ hater. Oprah is rumored to be a scientologist, which is why she invites celebrity scientologists (Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley, etc.) on to her show often. Lisa Marie an The Church of Scientology tried to recruit Michael in the 90s, but he REFUSED. This made the church very angry towards him. Oprah is good friends with Steven Spielberg, who stole Michael’s idea for DreamWorks and cut him out of the business plan. Oprah has MANY connections to people who BETRAYED Michael.

  4. Since Michael’s death, Orca has done nothing but talk about him. She’s an obsessed, hypocritical loser. Truly pathetic.

    Here she is discussing him with Whitney Houston

    Here she is discussing him with Celine Dion

    Here she is discussing him with Liza Minnelli

    Here she is discussing him with Kenny Ortega

    Here she is discussing him with J.K. Rowling

    Here she is asking Janet about Michael AFTER the ’05 trial

    Beginning to see a pattern here?

  5. I completely agree with you! Anger is boiling deep inside of me! Right now I can’t even begin to express the disgust I have for this woman (oprah). I have always tried not to wish anything but the best for all people, but in this case, I would love to see her character/name/legacy attacked the way Michael’s were (and still are). Maybe then and only then will she comprehend what Michael was made to endure. I have not had any respect for this woman for many years now and this final act of hers has sealed the deal. She will one day be forced to eat every evil word she has said about Michael! Buying people things can’t buy respect!

  6. What a bitch. But then again, doesn’t she realize that the black community can’t stand her hypocritical, sellout ass? And dissing MJ like that only puts more distance between her and blacks. Oh well, it’s obvious that she had to get to where she is by kissing (white) ass.

  7. I can’t believe Janet did an interview with that fat ass hypocritical fake in ’09. She should have requested no Michael questions

  8. I agree with you.Oprah has an ego; in her mind,her view is the only view to hold.
    Oprah,as a victim of child abuse can not be a fair,balanced,objective person when it comes to dealing with the trials of Michael Jackson.
    Oprah did not really know Michael Jackson.Her attempt at a tribute was poor.
    I hear that Katherine Jackson is to appear on Oprah?Perhaps,Katherine wants to set the record ,and Oprah,straight. It is time for family members to start defending Michael’s reputation and to put and end to the vicious,salacious gossip.

  9. Mo’Nique was a victim of molestation which was perpetrated by her own brother!! She don’t have a negative word to say about Michael. F*ck Oprah!! That fat ass could cozy up to Mike Tyson ( a convicted rapist) and interview Mo’Nique’s molesting brother but spews venom towards Mike? What a hypOcrite!!!

  10. Oprah did a show years ago on men who sleep with other men in secret while being married/committed to women

    Oprah Show Transcript
    Men Living on the D.L.
    Friday, April 16, 2004

    J.L. King
    … If he’s comfortable with his sexuality and he has no desire to have
    sex with another man, he can have gay friends. He can get in the bed with a gay man and not
    touch him…seriously…and not touch him, because he’s comfortable with who he is.

    You sounding a little bit like Michael Jackson up here. (Audience laughs) A little like Michael Jackson up here. I’m not going there with you with all that you can get in the bed with a man and all that stuff…

    Katherine’s better not sit down with that woman for an interview. Who’s she gonna talk to next? Diane Dimond?

  11. Just because Michael was found “not guilty” by a jury because of insufficient evidence in order to convict, DOES NOT MEAN he didn’t do it. They just didn’t have enough to put him away. OJ was found “not guilty”, and we all know he did it.

    So please, enough with the Michael Jackson is God, bullshit.

    • michael jackson was found not guilty because there was NO evidence not because there wasnt enough – that alvizo kid was lieing at the bequest of his mother who is well known for filing bogus lawsuits for money – use google – its an amazing tool – the first kid – again being led by his father – same thing http://www.buttonmonkey.com/misc/maryfischer.html


    • http://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/

      This site has ALL the information on the allegations

      If you choose to be ignorant and paint every high profile celebrity who’s ever been accused of a crime guilty, that’s your prerogative. I don’t see people complaining about Roman Polanski, a man who admitted to sodomizing an underage girl. He fled the U.S. to escape conviction. The request for his extradition from Sweden was denied (thanks to the showbiz community). He is now a free man even though he was convicted 33 years ago. No one here said Michael was God.

      The O.J. Simpson case was nothing like Michael’s case. Yet again do the research. Defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau destroyed the prosecution within minutes, the police dept. who raided Neverland Ranch THREE times and found NO evidence, who wiped his computers clean and found NO evidence, the FBI investigated him for 14 YEARS and found NO evidence. Prosecutorial misconduct was carried out by the corrupt D.A. & a new law was created to imprison Michael. The state of California spent 20 million dollars on both cases, which was more money than the state ever spent on indicting SERIAL KILLERS!!

      Our “bullshit” is facts which people like you refuse to accept. If Oprah believes Michael was guilty, so be it. The issue is her using his name for ratings. Why use a pedophile to boost ratings if you were abused as a child? That makes no f*cking sense. I’m not a fan but I’m not someone quick to condemn him either.

    • Michael Jackson is not God,nor is he guilty of child molestation.
      I have a background in psychiatry;I read people.Michael lacks some of the characteristics of a serial child molester.

      • It is best to point out the faults in Al’s reasoning,and then ignore him.Unreasonable behavior is sometimes best ignored; it is better to report questionable entries to the proper authorities.

  12. This documentary by Larry Nimmer will soon be distributed internationally. The extortionists who plotted against Michael are exposed with trial footage never used by the media (what a surprise)

  13. Apparently Oprah had several shows on pedophilia/molestation. Pay attention to the TV Guide dates

    Oprah Winfrey Episode Guide 2005 – When the One You Love Is a Pedophile | TVGuide.com

    8/2/2005: When the One You Love Is a Pedophile

    10/4/2005: Kidnapped by a Pedophile: The Shasta Groene Tragedy

    1/17/2006: Oprah’s Latest Capture: From Boys’ School Director to Most Wanted Pedophile

    9/28/2006: What Pedophiles Don’t Want You to Know


    4/19/2010: Best of Oprah: Exclusive: Accused of Molesting Her—Oscar Winner Mo’Nique’s Brother Comes Forward

    2/8/2010: Best of Oprah: A Special Report: Oprah & a No Holds Barred Conversation With Child Molesters

    10/11/2005: Oprah Captures Child Molesters

    6/13/2005: Molested by a Priest

    5/11/2005: Day I Found Out My Husband Was a Child Molester

    9/30/2004: I Shot My Molester

    8/14/2003: Child Molester in Your Neighborhood?

    2/21/2003: Confessions of Molestation

    Oprah aired this show on 5/11/2005: Day I Found Out My Husband Was A Child Molester.

    On the day of Michael’s acquittal, she aired another show aired (6/13/2005: Molested by a Priest).

    She had NO shows on the topic in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and but is suddenly picking it up again this year. Coincidence, I think NOT!!!

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