Pop starlet miss sparks talks about her encounter with trey songz and her highly publicized usher “event” on stage ,

As most of you have probably seen, I was brought up on stage during Usher’s OMG Tour. I had fun up there. People confuse being classy & a lady up there with me being uncomfortable. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it was a little awkward. HAHA Literally, that was the first time I met him…up on that stage. His concert was phenomenal. He danced his butt off and he sang hit after hit after hit. 16 years…that how long his career spans. Longevity, that’s what I’m aiming for!

Afterwards, he allowed us to come back into his dressing room and he actually had a conversation with me. He did Broadway too (Chicago) so it was cool to bond on that. ‘If you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere.’ He was very sweet. It’s always really fun to have a different perspective on artists you’ve watched over the years.

As for Trey, we met up with him at his signing earlier in the day (his fans were lined up from the building to around the corner!) and he invited us to the show. He was very sweet and a lot taller than I expected! You should’ve heard the screams when he walked out on stage. Goodness gracious! Blood curdling. He put on a great show as well! He really made people pay attention and his voice was awesome!

I haven’t been to a show like that in awhile. It really made me think about how in years to come I still want to be performing for my fans! Hopefully I’ll have just as many hits! Slow and steady wins the race. Longevity, remember? 🙂





  1. Aww! Jordin is very sweet young lady! I love her, shes very pretty & a great singer. I have both of her cds. Hope she has another cd very soon. I watched her throughout tha whole competition on American Idol & voted my butt off fo her. Im glad tht she won too, I was cheerin so loud tht u probably thought she was a reative or friend of mine, lol. It was b/c I knew she had it, Ryan Seacreat didnt have 2 say tht she won cuz evry1 knew tht she did, & tha youngest Idol too, wht a “Honor” lol. Much Success 2 u Jordin. Usher, Idk tht u were on Broadway, wow, I guess it is true, u do learn somethin new everyday. Trey, Love Ya, Ur Awesome! Where was Miguel, Jordin could have gave him some advice n tha buz. Hope tha tour is goin well u guys!

  2. Very nice looked, to sit down like Jordin said with them. Usher is there after that big show with Mis. Jordin.. also Trey with that smile… where is the other arist….

  3. I hope you get them all on your next album. why is Trey trying to sit your in lap, I know Usher and he are ladies man…. she is so pretty , I did see the looked that Usher gave her on stage, like grown to beautiful young lady…

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