The whole Cascio family appears on “Oprah” on December 6th to showcase Eddie Cascio’s tracks from Michael Jackson‘s new album.

Eddie is joined by his parents, Dominic and Connie, as well as brother Frank and sister Nicole.

The family talks with Oprah about their long relationship as Michael’s surrogate family, and the evolution of the music Michael made at their house in New Jersey in 2007.

Originally, the family didn’t want to go to the show, but Sony Music thought it best just to put the whole story out in the open. “Michael” the album is released on December 14th. The single, “Hold My Hand,” is already on the radio and on ITunes, featuring Akon.

Eddie Cascio has three tracks on the new “Michael” album–”Breaking News,” “Monster,” and “Keep Your Head Up.” There are nine more in the vault.

Also on the show is Michael’s long time producer Teddy Riley, who worked on the tracks and vouches for their veracity. SOURCE

My opinion on this is – it cant hurt! Im sure they will talk about more than the upcoming album. The Cascio’s LOVED Michael and so did Teddy Riley, these people will no doubt put a lot of nasty rumors to rest and let the world see who Michael really was. Teddy knows first hand how much MJ’s fans are against ANYONE talking to Oprah about Michael but if someone must – Im happy its gonna be the Cascio Family and Teddy Riley!




  1. I’m apprehensive, but hopeful that someone will finally put O in her place should she come with the same ole song and dance of addiction and pedophilia. It’s time for that book to be closed for good.

  2. when will this end??? Oprah feeding off Mj again and again???? why did she not call these ppl before? like in 1993 or after???? this sickens me.. hope they give her what she s due!and tell her to Shut the f*** up!

  3. btw she never has anything good to say about Mj or to ask just the same shit/different.. she better change her tune.. she knows the viewership will be immense once the name MJ is the topic of her show.. geezzzzzzzz $$$$ hungry

  4. Oh how much i hate oprah. shes doing yet another show about michael, even though she wouldn’t even give him a chance in 05. HATE is not a strong of a word to describe how i feel about her, but the cascio family have to do what they have to do.

  5. I will be contacting Rev. Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory the Civil Rights Icon and Geraldine Hughes. Rev. Sharpton needs to have a national Civil Rights conference about Michael and many issues with the black community particularly regarding MJ. I want it broadcast simultaneously and I want even the black R&B and some gospel artists there. I want to know where were some of those in the black faith community five years ago and why did they not reach out to Michael and work with him.

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