Its going to be exciting to watch these two powerhouse women act together in this Movie Musical. Burlesque opens around the world in theatres Wednesday Novemver 24th.

It was a risky bet by this first-time feature director, Steve Antin’s to cast songstress Christina Aguilera, a singer who had never acted in a film. The stroke of genius here is to pair her with pop-music icon Cher. Although Aguilera is in nearly every scene and Cher appears irregularly, they nicely balance each other as they play single-minded characters passionate about their work as cabaret performers. One is at wits’ end about a possibly dying art and the other too fresh and enthused to notice. One singer-actress is an old pro and the other a superb entertainer exploring a new avenue for her talent. (Note to Cher: In this instance, “old” is a good thing and a compliment. You still look fabulous.)

Women will love this, and men won’t mind the eye candy either, so it seems this Screen Gems release can’t help becoming a hit. News stories about conflicts on the set and reshoots will only fuel the curiosity factor. Besides, burlesque itself — a stage-show tradition dating to late-19th century British music halls — with its risqué humor and ample flesh (without full exposure), is making a comeback. Burlesque should seal the deal.

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