Uggghhh the clothing last night on the American Music Awards left me speechless and not in a good way. Tell me – did Rihanna take her performance outfit from Destiny’s Childs Closet??  What the hell was Nikki Minaj wearing? Was that a cage?

See for yourself ~

RiRi – Bey called and wants her outfit back!

I have no words #Next

This whole thing is just wrong on so many levels #ijustcant

Ok now the up close of the face….even her hair is trying to get the hell away from her!
This has fans 0_o

I say to her fans – send her a bar of soap and directions on how to clean herself cause she looks like she’s never taken a bath in her life…Im just sayin


What the hell happened to wanting to look pretty at an awards show? When did looking like a fool become the “In” thing?


This isnt a bad dress but who is it??…is it…
Taylor Swift or Kat Stacks…you be the judge!


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