What the hell is wrong with this woman?? She can not seem to stop doing shows about Michael!! Umm Oprah – you hate him REMEMBER??? This is literally UNBELIEVEABLE, I dont understand her line of thinking except for ratings and to try to get people to be on her side about Mike…? Will there be the normal pedophile shows before and after??

This is whats on her site – I will not be SOURCING this because I refuse to give her clicks.

Attention Chicago Area – Michael Jackson Fans!

The Oprah Winfrey Show will be talking about Michael Jackson and the release of the upcoming album “Michael.”  Have you always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson??  Do you own all of his albums and are intensely interested in hearing more about this new release??  Have you followed his life story and always eager to know more about Micheal?behind the scenes?  If you are a huge Michael Jackson fan and would like to be in the audience for this taping on Friday, 11/19, email us now!  If there is still availability, you will be contacted through email by a member of the Audience Team.

Please Note:  If you have already attended a taping this season or have reservations for an upcoming show, you are not eligible for these reservations.

We definitely need some MJ fans in Chicago to go on this show and tell her how Michaels fans REALLY feel about her, she needs to know how much pain she has caused and is continuing to cause with her incesent Michael Jackson shows. Everything she does is damaging to Michaels legacy and she needs to stop it!!!!



  1. Is Orca feeling guilty and trying to make amends to Michael? Is she just interested in the ratings she can get from exploiting him yet again? Or is the lesbian rumors true and she is the one with the balls? Whichever it is she makes me want to puke!

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