Lee DeWyze Experiences “Sweet Serendipity”

With Lee DeWyze’s Live It Up going toe-to-toe this week with Rihanna’s Loud, Pink’s Greatest Hits…So Far!!!, the Glee Christmas album, Nelly’s 5.0 and Josh Groban’s Illuminations, the 2010 American Idol winner is rightly hitting the promo trail hard. And snagging an appearance on the Today Show this morning wasn’t too shabby of a get. Head below to watch Lee discuss writing most of the tracks on his debut album and then sing his first single “Sweet Serendipty” live.

“It’s not that I looked down on singing other people’s songs,” DeWyze told Today Show host Meredith Vieira about co-writing most of the tracks on Live It Up. “I think it was more for me just a matter of being a huge part of my album. I wanted to look at it and just know that I had a lot to do with it.

Watch Lee on the Today Show!



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