I received this this morning from a friend of mine and hopefully this will clear a few things up. Its from Dominic Cascio who is a very close friend of Michael Jacksons.

Dominic Cascio:

The kids while at my house had homeschooling everyday at my house while Michael worked in the studio! (2 different parts of the house) everything will be revealed shortly! The truth will prevail! The Jackson brothers and 3t are brainwashing everyone because of their own jealousy! Including the kids! Michael distanced himself from his brothers for a reason! They were all greedy, and always looked for trouble and they are doing the same now! Remember that they have no say in the estate, and they are not entitled to any money from the estate… the only ones who benefit from the estate are those 3 beautiful kids! So not buying the album will ultimately hurt them! My brother has 3 songs on the album, and if they were fake they wouldn’t be going out! Remember the Jackson’s ordered a forensic test to test the vocals and they came back positive! (all 3 tests) all the producers who worked with him like Quincy Jones, Bruce Sweden, Teddy Riley all say its him so who is claiming its fake?? ONLY THE JACKSONS! Now if they still have a problem they should take legal action but since they have NO case they are trying to ruin the album to hurt my family, which is doing nothing but hurting the kids! So like i said look at the big picture! Don’t be manipulated! Michael always said don’t listen to what you hear about him because people make up lies! My brother has sworn affidavits which means he swore his life these songs! We are not desperate we are trying to make Michael’s latest work be heard! If Michael didn’t like these songs he would never record them to begin with! He didn’t record on friends tracks just for fun!!! this was serious! not fully finished but very serious work! the fans are doing more harm to Michael’s name then good!

Michael’s is singing in the whole song, the other voice is just giving accents that michael could not record yet because he wasnt able to due to his death! You can hear it in the background when he sais the word Jackson.. Michael is saying Jackson but in the back you will heard Jackson said with a different tone and accent, maybe this voice is causing confusion with the fans but just like in butterflies there were other singers credited in the songs just like this guy is! maybe without the voice there wouldnt be confusion of the credibility of the songs but it is too late think what should have been done.. this is the way it is and we are not making false tracks! michael was recorded through out the whole song, these were just extras to give more body! maybe it was the right decision maybe it was wrong but in no way would we try to fool the fans, or anyone! We have always been and will always be LOYAL to michael and the kids!

there will be a statement plus more from my brother one day soon and i hope it will clarify every thing! 3t and the Jackson’s started this smear campaign after John MacLaine songs were taken off the album to put my brothers. (Sony’s decision) by the way John Maclaine was fired years ago and Michael hated him ever since! unfortunately the last will found was one while John was still working with michael.. ( kinda suspicious if that’s the latest will) michael would have never left the estate in his hands knowing the way he felt about him.. so again… LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!!! you’re accusing the wrong people… You can say that he sounds different, you’re right, different studio, different equipment, different point in time in Michael’s life! don’t be mad about these songs! celebrate them, if you don’t like them I’m sorry but that is a glimpse of what he was still working on… Monster is a song i know he couldn’t wait to develop more! videos and story line! Wait until the album comes out before you judge (the fans)!



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  2. Is this for real? The spelling mistakes in that message look like a child wrote it :-/

    I really hope it’s real and that it’s all true though. Fingers crossed it all gets sorted out very soon! 🙂

  3. This is not the way anyone with any credibility would comunicate with the paying public. This blog entry is probably fake.

  4. Good for you! I agree with everything you said. I know Michael’s voice is on the songs we’ve heard so far, and I am most certainly going to buy this and any other album of Michael”s. I’m getting kind tired of the conspiracy theory crap. I don’t think people get that they are only hurting Michael’s kid’s, who, if true they don’t think their dad is singing then I believe they’re being manipulated. No one is going to hurt Sony, if that’s what the idiots think, it’s Michael’s children being hurt in the long run.

  5. This still doesn’t convince me that it’s Michael’s voice on the tracks because IT’S NOT! I don’t care what this guy says, I know Michael’s voice and this just isn’t him! He can make all of the excuses he wants but it doesn’t change anything!

  6. I have to say that the writing by him is probably not like we would write it because he is trying his best to write in english for us to understand. I know the other songs are Michael and the Breaking News sounds funny but like he said, they had to put it together with what they had. I wish more of Michael could be on there but its not, so we either have to like it or not. I vote for anything Michael but I hope that anything else put out by him, is more Michael. Michael, I love you more!!!!!!!

  7. I appreciate your candor Dominic. You make very good points and I have to say I am with you on a majority of them. Thank you for loving Michael so much and thank you for sharing his music with us.

    Dominic, I hope someday we get to hear about your experiences with Michael while he was with your family. Oh, how I long to hear about the real Michael – Michael the person. I’m sure the stories would make me melt! He had such a beautiful heart and soul. It would be a pity not to share this with the world.

    Love you more,

    Nicole “Red-in-Phoenix”

  8. I will buy this album bcoz i want michael’s legacy lives on,I want michael’s music still relevant today and i want michael’s music impact the new generations,my 13 year old daughter listening to michael’s songs and she has it in her ipod and mp3 phone,and she loved it! it made me happy if she would love it…and I want michael’s music bcoz this is all for him and his children.. and this is my righ..t,this is my decision,i will do what i wanna do,and would not tell others to do what i want them to simple as that. I would’nt spend my time in front of my laptop if it wasn’t for one person.. and that is MICHAEL JACKSON,and i love him.

  9. What TRUTH will be revealed??? and who doesn’t know about $ony and Michael.. first of all , long before thing’s got to where they are.. Michael had already made a iron clad estate for his children, and NO $ONY CAN’T GET TO IT.. This was done long before thing’s had gotten to where we are today, Michael knew who he was dealing with , and second as for the WILL, I have my doughts about it being the REAL,, one because Michael would never leave his father out of his will, because of his FAITH and BELIEF,, Micheal read scripture every day, and the QUARN, so what is all this hidden talk about the TRUTH will be revealed.. I already know what it is ,, people playing HEAD GAME’S because they think that we don’t know , but I do the TRUTH,, and have know it for over tweny six year’s when Michael bougth a book of music and left home,,,, yes one of the reason’she left was his sybling’s… but as far as his nephew’s 3T, Michael was alway’s cool with them,, in fact it Michael was recording music, with one of them before he passed away, so what is all this talk about jealousy and spreading lie’s.. I can’t really believe that Tito and Michael didn’t get along..or for that matter Randy, or Marlon.. or Jackie.. now maybe Jermaine and Michael yes, but the rest no… His nephew 3T LOVED THEIR UNCLE.. and he loved them.. and second $ony has alway’s wanted complete control over Michael’s book of music… and his career. and everything else in his life.. yes I bought the whole set .. but I bought it out of L.O.V.E. of Michael,, but the rest of this is nothing more than NONSENSE… What happened to MICHAEL has been the working’s for over thirty year’s.. and the proof is in the PUDDING.. MICHEAL IS A SHERWED BUSINESS MAN.. LIKE HIS FATHER JOE.. THAT’S WHO HE LEARNED IT FORM… I READ A LOT OF BS. about Michael by people who are suppose to be his friend’s and they speak.. DOUBLED TOUNGED.. Once again,, they played the backstabbing game.. and stabbed each other in the back,, to take Michael out.. but in the end.. they will ruin their OWN LIVES.. the TRUTH has alway’s been there.. just like MICHAEL IS THE NATURAL FATHER TO ALL THREE CHILDREN.. BUT DO U THINK PPL WILL BELIEVE THAT? NO! in reality MICHAEL JACKSON WAS THE NEW OWNER OF $ONY,,, !

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