I just wanted to remind everyone that tonight at 12:01 Michael Jacksons first single “Hold My Hand” from His new album “Michael” will be released digitally on www.michaeljackson.com and then released for sale shorty there after!!

Now I have to say the accusations of this not being Michael have to stop. This is very damaging to His Legacy and we don’t want to be the ones to do that. I personally never ever want to see a Michael Jackson album fail, that would be so very sad. We need to make this single number 1 and the album the same when its released. it would be devastating for the nay sayers of the world to think that MJ is irrelevant because He is not nor will He ever be!

If you don’t think its Him – do not buy it but please let the issue drop. If you can’t see why all this started by who started it then you should go back over who said what and believe me – it won’t be hard to figure out.

Those that know don’t talk – those that talk don’t know ~ Michael Jackson Quote.



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