Over the years, jazzy pop chanteuse and pianist Norah Jones has teamed up with many of her favorite artists, and now she’s collected 18 tracks for an entire album of collaborations on her tunes, their tunes, covers and even seasonal favorites like ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The aptly titled, “…Featuring,” due out Nov. 16, finds Jones pairing herself with well-respected musicians of every genre from rock – Foo Fighters, Ryan Adams – to hip-hop – OutKast, Q-Tip – to country – Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton – to jazz  -Herbie Hancock, Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

Read What Nora has to say about each collaborations here

“Baby It’s Cold Outside – Willie Nelson Feat Norah Jones ~

Norah – “I had met and sung with Willie a lot so I feel very comfortable with him, he’s a doll. It never fails though, when he opens his mouth to sing, I get chills. It brings me back to my childhood and that never goes away.”

“Take Off Your Cool” OutKast feat. Norah Jones ~

Norah – ‘I knew who OutKast were and I really liked their music, but I would never have guessed that they knew who I was. Andre 3000 sent me the music, but there wasn’t any singing on it yet so I didn’t know the vocal melody or the words. When we got to the studio he said, ‘Give me a minute,’ and he did all his vocals — a lot of layers, a lot of harmonies. He did it very quickly. I don’t know how much he had prepared or if it was mostly improvised, but he definitely had a clear picture of what he wanted.”


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