As you may know there are two people that blog here, Myself – Tina and Mensah also writes. The other day he posted his feelings on Breaking News and I said to him – You will have to write all posts on this song because I don’t believe its him. We talked about it for a while – he wasn’t able to convince me so we just agreed to disagree.
Yesterday he sent me this Acapella version of the song and asked me to listen to it and tell him what I thought. Well, after a few hours I listened and only because I told him I would and I am a woman of my word. After the first go I wasn’t convinced and I then I remembered Mensah saying to me many times – listen to a song 5 times in a row before you make a decision on it… I did and by the 5th listen I honestly was convinced it was Michael singing. When you hear the song raw, with no music and nothing else going on you focus solely on the singing. You can not hear this version and honestly say its not Mike.
Put your headphones on and turn it up loud ~

Tell me what you think in the comments cause I’m very interested to know.

One thing I will say is Michael would be appalled by the behaviour of his fans. There are people bad mouthing Teddy Riley and that man only produced it – he is an innocent in all this who has taken the time to talk and try to set MJ’s fans at ease. He does not deserve to be treated the way some of y’all are treating him and to tell that man the Michael made him – Not True. Sorry, get up on your musical history – Teddy Riley made himself and did a damn great job at it so great in fact Michael hired and trusted him for years. Not just Teddy either – also Michaels family. I may have blasted them about the Opie interview but I have said nothing at all about this album or this song to them. They have their opinions and we all have ours.
Whether you believe he is singing or not we need to keep ourselves in check and remember that we are the ones who carry on the Legacy and by doing this bickering and badmouthing all over the net we are only going to destroy it further. Michaels Charities and his Mother and Children benefit from this and that what HE wanted and I for one will carry on Michael Jackson’s Legacy for the rest of my life because that’s what a true fan does and I am and will always be a true fan!

This from one fan on my facebook page
Quote Linda “I am completely appalled by all this CRAP. You have so many conflicting statements from all these people, it is enough to drive you nuts. I am done reading and listening to BS. Didn’t Jackie Jackson say on Monday that the album was Great- Now he is saying something different–It just seems that all you need is for one person to place the doubt in everyone’s minds and then the entire fan base goes nuts. I’ve had it. John McLain started this BS. He is the first one that said it wasn’t MJ-and everything went NUTS from there. If it isn’t Michael than the Estate will lose 200 million dollars!! I think this is how much SONY paid for the rights. I will make up my own mind about Breaking News. I don’t need anyone confusing the issue for me. In 40 years I don’t ever remember Michael’s fan base ever being so freaking divided. When the hell did Michael’s fan base become puppets that can be swayed left and right at someone’s will. Make up your own minds. I AM DONE WITH THIS BULL!!!
Amen Linda!!



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