Oprah Molestation Update

Remember the “200 Men Who Have Been Molested Come Forward” special Oprah did – First part aired before Katherine Jackson and Michaels children went on and the second part was to air yesterday – the day after Katherine and the kids. Well is seems that second part has been moved or rescheduled because it didnt air yesterday.

The only purpose of airing that show when she did was, in my opinion – to put that in the minds of the viewers for the next show – being Kate and the Kids. Im sure while the first part of the “200 Men” show aired on Friday there were plenty of previews of the Kate\PPB show and that would in her mind lead her viewers into those thoughts about Michael.

You’re a sly dog Opie – but we’re watching your shady ass O_O

I wonder if it was removed because of all the comments left by Michael Jackson fans? Or the countless email we sent?? I’d like to think so!

Either way – We can just chalk this up as a win for MJ!!!!!
There’s Nothing That Can’t Be Done If We All Raise our Voice As One!!!

Maybe Opie missed the news that day….

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