Janet Jackson Updates

“For Colored Girls” opened at #3 in the box office over the weekend. This star studded movie got great reviews and grossed 20.1 Million! Nice work guys!!

A friend of mine saw this on opening night and said it was the best movie she has seen in a long time – very powerful and very well acted, Im going tonight so you will have my review in the morning!

The weekends top 10 ~
1. Megamind, $47.6M
2. Due Date, $33.5M
3. For Colored Girls, $20.1M
4. Red, $8.9M
5. Saw 3D – The Final Chapter, $8.2M
6. Paranormal Activity, $7.3M
7. Jackass 3D, $5.1M
8. Hereafter, $4.0M
9. Secretariat, $4.0M
10. The Social Network, $3.6M

In other Janet news – she appeared on The George Lopez last night. Beautiful as ever – it looks like she is permanently smiling and what an amazing smile she has – nice to know she’s happy!


IMO – George Lopez is the perfect person to interview Janet – he is funny and he kept her laughing and did NOT ask any intrusive questions, Good On Ya George!!

Watch Behind The Scenes!


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