Brandy and Maks

Tonight on Dancing with the Stars Brandy and Maks we’re in top form!! They first danced the Waltz – it was beautiful and they flowed perfectly together, these two have awesome chemistry and play against each other in such a lovely way.

They did something new tonight – Instant Dance, the dancers and stars practiced their dance without the song, after their first dance tonight they picked a song from the Mirror Ball Bowl and then they were to go and put their dance to the music. Ummm hard!!! WOW, I couldn’t imagine having to do that!

There are only five stars left dancing – I can almost guess who is going home tomorrow night but Ill keep my thoughts on that to myself …

  • Kyle and Lacey
  • Kurt and Anna
  • Jennifer and Derrek (Who got perfect scores on their Rumba 30\30)
  • Bristol and Mark
  • Brandy and Maks

It’s pretty safe to say (I hope) that Brandy and Jennifer will be around next week!



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