Chris Brown
BEING AN ARTIST IS AN ART FORM!!!! the industry is really disappointing becuz artists are content with being mediocre!!!!

My sentiments exactly !!!! anybody who follows me on twitter know how i feel about the music industry today! ive been blabbering about it for along time now and its great to see a music artist who shares the same feeling !!back in the 90s ..talent and quality of music was actually very important to the success and respect of an artist in the music world but now anybody and everybody can make crap in the music studio and get away with it…see how we have come to the point where we actually hail people like jason derulo… and taylor swift  with the latter being an example of true mediocrity !! corny lyrics ..poorly written songs and a terrible horrendous vocalist and is  being hailed like the best thing to happen to music since michael jackson!! with waaaaaaay better artists like jewel !! martina mcbride , carrie underwood struggling to get quarter of the attention and sales that many mediocre artist are getting ..Kesha is a true example of  mediocrity!! i could go on but am sure many  of you get my point .!i hope the music buying public stops settling for mediocrity and  starts caring about  quality of music and artist!! or else God help us all



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