Michael Jacksons Mother and Children Talk To Oprah

I just finished watching Katherine Jackson and Michaels three beautiful children on Oprah.
Katherine was very endearing and sweet – extremely emotional at times, but really – who wouldn’t be? She just lost her son a little over a year ago, I know we all lost something but this is his Mother and being a Mother myself – I could not imagine loosing one of my children. My heart literally breaks for her.
Has Oprah not been interviewing people since like the roads were dirt?? What the hell kind of questions were those?? Seriously….
True to form the big O had to bring up drugs and the molestation thing – and asked Katherine if she ever believed he did it? Dumb ass question – Oprah, you are the only one who ever believed that….everyone else could see it for what it was – an effen money ploy!!
I wonder if O has any real feelings left in her body? Katherine told her about the children the day MJ passed and Katherine was crying while she spoke and said that Paris that day wanted to go with her daddy – she couldn’t live without him and O never even changed her facial expression one bit – stone face cold hearted bitch!!
Joe – is a moron. He didn’t answer one question properly! He mumbles he way through everything and gives half assed stupid irrelevant answers #FAIL

I cried my face off through this entire thing. Reliving June 25th 2009 was not something I wanted to do today 😦
Michaels children *tears* they are so sweet and polite and well spoken – bless their hearts. Prince said he misses when they were in Bahrain and they would get up early and walk on the beach with the dogs…Paris misses the quality time she spent alone with her Daddy and the meals he would cook them – she said he was the best cook in the world…my heart felt like it was going to spontaneously combust 😦
All in all it was the saddest thing I ever watch and for what?? Not to clear MJ’s name or to make people see the real him – it was to promote a book. Sad…no?
I can honestly say that I hate this woman – I know that’s harsh but that’s the way it is.

Watch for yourself…Part 1


Part 2….


Part 3….


I will post the final part as soon as it goes up. Its the part with the kids and I can’t find it anywhere as of yet.

(Post by Tina)


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