Now I have been offline for a while but I decided to come on and listen to “the supposed new Michael Jackson song’ and give my thoughts the beat, as any fan should know by now is a typical MJ beat..  the song is not really worthy to be an album filler for any MJ album as it’s simply not good enough….but I hear that its not even going to be included on the new album (its like a hype single) let me explain something..this song has the likelihood of being 90% MJ. I believe this because it was a demo that was given to Teddy Riley to produce, in producing they have to cut around parts of the song, mix match and process heavily especially if the original vocals are heavily unfinished (which i believe they were). 
Now, I know a lot of MJ fans have said that he would never mention his own name in his songs…but you have to understand that this song was produced after he died and they probably just added him mentioning his own name to the song…this song is not an unreleased song, it’s just one of his demos that was worked on after his death. 
I believe its him!! A heavily processed him – but him nevertheless.
Is it an unreleased song? No. Does it feature his  vocals? Heavily over processed MJ vocals but I believe it’s his vocals…all of this was done after his death and as a true fan who respects Michael’s wishes I will be supporting the album because it’s authorized by his estate – the estate that is taking care of his Mother, his Children and his various charities!!




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