Experts confirm Michael’s voice on new album, release date to be set

Many rumors have been going over the internet in the recent weeks about the upcoming new Michael Jackson album. It was said that Michael’s family did not believe it was Michael’s voice on some of the tracks. Some people going as far as calling the forthcoming album a fraud. Because no part of this news was confirmed by any party Legendary MJ decided not to publish on this subject. Now a reliable statement has been made by the MJ Estate lawyer.

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the MJ Estate, has told TMZ he had experts (Sony called in forensic audiologists) listen to the tracks and all of the experts concluded it’s Michael’s voice on all the tracks.
Bob Stringer, chairman of Sony Music’s Columbia Epic Group, who is overseeing the King of Pop’s legacy, is believed to have been hugely impressed by the quality of material when he first heard the tracks. The reason the album has yet to be given a release date is because Sony is trying to track down all the musicians and collaborators who need crediting. The music giant needs to avoid the kind of litigation that marked Michael Jackson’s final years.
Sources say the melodies and hooks on the songs are strong and show a maturity in Michael, who was nervous about letting the world hear his work and worried that unfinished tracks would leak. Michael left vocal ideas as voicemail messages to trusted associates who would piece the tracks together.
Sony is set on getting the record out for Christmas. .SOURCE

I honestly feel that sony is setting this album out to fail!! the way they are handling the project is very questionable ,there has really been no great promotion for the album if its really set to be released this year should start now!!am pro anything that benefits mjs estate … after all its his legacy to his kids and their inheritance so by not supporting the estate you are robbing his kids of what rightfully belongs to them.


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