Chris brown  has finally returned to the top of the charts (where he belongs) after a turbulent filled past year!!

His new song 3x yeah is  the second most added song to radio this week and is already number 12 on the Itunes top100 chart in less that 24 hours ..he also occupies 3  top 10 spots on the R&B  Itunes chart with deuces ,deuces remix and 3x yeah. DEUCES  was just certified platinum (first mix-tape single in history to achieve this feat)he also just hit 1million followers on twitter ,his new album  F.A.M.E is expected to hit shelves middle of 2011.

Glad that the mainsteam  public seems to have put his past mistake behind him..after all we all make mistakes and he has paid dearly for them.. though  i still dont understand why its acceptable  for people like Eminem and charlie sheen to abuse the women in their lives! abuse on any level is wrong regardless of the race of the person but that is a topic for another day..

In related news due to the little buzz surrounding rihanna’s latest  effort “loud” she has resulted into digging up and old buried issues for i am not gonna say alot but  just that “rihanna you claimed you’ve moved on why are you still talking about the incident “? it just doesn’t make sense …

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