AUSTIN BROWN "Michael Jackson and Prince Did Not Have A Feud!"!!!!

In a recent interview with us weekly magazine austin brown opens up about his relation ship with uncle michael and aunt janet ..talks about michael’s alleged feud with Prince and the special song he recorded for MJ on his new album .. excepts of the interview below

US: What was your uncle Michael Jackson really like?

AB: My uncle was always big on teaching my cousins and me about song structure.  He would like to break down songs — he would always start with the base line, and then start humming a melody. He wanted to teach me how things came together, how to portray my voice and where music came from. The main thing with my uncle was just the love he showed all of us and how caring and giving he was to other people as well. The most important lesson that he showed us was charity and giving back. All of this meant nothing if you weren’t giving anything back

US: It’s been a year since his death. What do you look back on and what was all that like? It must’ve been very tragic and completely emotional losing someone who was a mentor to you?

AB: Yeah, to this day it’s hard for me to talk about. It just hurt me that much. What I’ll always remember were the wonderful memories that he gave us. And for me, as a child, I remember the lessons and love he showed me — unconditional love.

US: You also knew Prince.  That’s very interesting because Prince and your uncle didn’t get along so well, right?

AB: That’s actually not true! My uncle actually told me a couple years ago that they talked about doing stuff together again, but it just never happened. When I saw Prince a few years back he was giving my uncle props and saying how much he loved his voice. So I don’t know how true it is that they didn’t get along because that’s not what I saw.

US: What are your ultimate aspirations? Do you want to be as big as Michael and Janet?

AB: It’s not about being big or famous — I just love making songs. The reason why I do music is because there’s something inside that really moves you about a song. The crazy thing about music is you can get any emotion from it — you can be happy, you can be angry, you could be excited, or you can laugh, or you can just be relaxed and listen to a classical song. I love trying to connect with those emotions the best way I can

read more of the interview here 


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