My favorite male vocalist Josh Groban is coming back to the music scene after taking a short musical hiatus for 3 years. This is exciting news for any Josh fan considering that I honestly believe that this guy has a voice of an angel..and would not be surprised if I hear one day that he was an angel living here on earth!
his album – Illuminations is going to be released on November 15 ..the first single lifted from the album is called “HIDDEN AWAY” produced by Rick Ruben  listen below
In an interview with billboard he revealed that he has a new sound ..he ditched his long time collaborator and the the man who discovered him David Foster and has worked with Rick Rubin the bearded Zen master behind the Beastie BoysJohnny Cash and Danzig.  
Well with a voice of  an angel no matter who he decides to record with or what  he wants to record he cant go wrong so am excited to hear what he has cooked up in the studio..will be first in line to buy the album  on itunes when it drops 
check out his billboard magazine cover below
Message from Josh – “As you may know, my new album, Illuminations is out on November 15th, and for me, the best part of putting out an album is that I then get to go on tour. Going on tour involves so many steps to get ready for what people eventually see as the big production. However, this time around, I want to try something different. I want to bring my living room to YOU. I’ve booked a couple of small theaters around the country and I want you to come and help me plan my tour. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 22nd at 10am. Get all the details at”
Post by Mensah

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