Backstappers and Betrayers

Ive been watching twitter since Lisa Marie’s interview with Oprah and I must say I’m very disappointed by Michael Jackson’s fans.
*Great interview Lisa – she was very emotional << she actually looked stoned o_O
*Lisa said nice things about Michael << Yes, if you concider “Drug Addict” and “Manipulator” as nice…I do not think this was nice.
I dont understand how anyone got “Good” out of that hour long fiasco.

First off – how can you be an honest to goodness MJ fans and think that interview is ok?? For one thing – These two women made Michael look like an invalid – manipulative – drug addicted pedophile. Lisa said she never saw any odd behaviour with MJ and children – Oprah then brought it up again with a look of disgusted contempt, Lisa then said – Well I wasn’t always in the room. Nice way to mislead and insinuate.

Second – why would anyone get together with OPRAH of all people and discuss their personal relationship with Mike? Lisa HAS to know how much Michael hated Oprah, she HAS to – the rest of the fricken world does. Its a betrayal of Michael and everything he worked for to keep his private life private.

Lisa said more than one time “He was incoherent” << Really Lisa?? And you did what?? Said “Alrighty then bye bye” if he was truly incoherent and as messed up as she made him seem then why the hell didn’t she do something?? #EpicFail
If this is the case – I’m happy she will get to live with that on her conscience!!

The whole interview was inappropriate – from start to finish. More disrespect to a man who is not here to rebut any of it. Its all Lisa’s word and remember how this woman has spoken about Michael in the past – she has never had and respect for him and now she has chipped away at even MORE of his dignity all the while having the “Poor Lisa” face on #NEXT

#Random – Last night Oprah tweeted that she had just finished meeting with Jackie Jackson….. ummmm…..why? Why the hell would any of those Jacksons talk to this effen woman?? So now we have – Janet whom called him a drug addict on the Oprah show – Jackie is meeting with Oprah – Katherine and as far as we know MJ3 have been interviewed but this woman. It seems to me that most of MJ’s siblings have been backstabbing him with the enemy. I always thought that Jackie was one of the few who would never do something like this – I just said to the hubz 2 fricken days ago – Tito, Jackie and Marlon are awesome, they have never ever said anything about Michael – always respectful….and now Jackie is no better than LMP, Janet, Jermaine – his own Mother, Latoya and her conspiracy theories…the whole thing is a mess and all this “Drug Addict” talk can only help Murray’s defence #Fail

Can you imagine having most of your family turn their backs on you and do exactly the opposite of anything you would ever want..??
Imagine in 10 year – Prince, Paris or Lil Michael on You Tube and watching the video of this very interview where Lisa says that Debbie Rowe’s pregnancy was a retalitory Pregnancy. Michaels children should always know that they are here because their father wanted them here, he loved them not because he was mad at Lisa #SitDown
I dont think Lisa was important as she likes to believe she was.

A day later and I’m still extremely pissed off – by the time the interview with Kate airs Ill be locked up in the insane asylum!!!!!

In my opinion – this is all an #EpicFail  so many people have betrayed Michael Jackson and all he ever wanted was to love and be loved….

Those who know dont talk – Those that talk dont know ~ Michael Jackson

Post By Tina

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