First off – the album plug. Knew that was gonna happen – didn’t I say that 2 fricken weeks ago??
Lisa says she has tried to avoid talking about Michael until now. If she said he was manipulative once she said it 10 times already and then Oprah started – so you’re saying he was manipulative?? Ummm Oprah – didn’t you here her say that 10 times??
This interview is making me very sad – to rehash Michael’s death is taking its toll.
Did you suspect a drug problem – Lisa said not right away but before the divorce she did – she said when he collapsed at the HBO special it was drug related. She said she only suspected – she picked him up at various doctors and he was incoherent.
Oprah brought up the drug issue 8 fucking times!!! WTF – why is she such a skanky hag??

She said it was a normal marriage in every sense of the word. She loved taking care of him – she is making me very angry. She is making him sound like an invalid. In death she realized she had all this love for him (BITCH PLEASE!!)

Why did the marriage end Oprah asked – Lisa said – he pushed her away for drugs and vampires – OMFG
He made her feel like she was disposable – if she said anything about it she would be out like everyone else.

Correct me if I’m wrong – didn’t LMP promise MJ babies?? Now she is going on about the pressure for her to have a baby and she thinks that Debbie Rowe was a retaliatory pregnancy – Lisa Marie – I detest you.

She understands him so well now – well maybe she should have tried to understand him when he was alive!!!
Cant fix stupid!

Do you think he loved you? What the hell kind of question is that?? She said yes but he put all the drugs and doctors and blah blah first. She said the last coherent conversation was in 2005 – what??

Asking her about inappropriate behaviour between Michael and little kids – Lisa said No absolutely not. Never. Lisa said she never saw him doing anything with kids – she the went on to say – I wasn’t in the room with him and whoever so I cant say for sure but I didn’t “see” anything inappropriate happen. Now, all she had to say was – no. Why the need to drag it out and insinuate and mislead??

Lisa said that Michael was high as a kite through the entire Martin Bashir interview. Her words “High as a Kite” << Fuck you lisa!!!!

Do you think you could have saved him – Oprah WTF really, OMFG.

Do you think family and friends let him down – if he didnt want to be confronted he would keep them all out.

Where do, two women, who both had no use for this man, get off talking about him like they hung with him every fucking day?? All this interview is doing is helping Conrad Murrays fucking defense – calling him a drug addict OVER AND OVER is just wrong.

I just want to say that LMP looks like she is stoned all the time – has anyone checked her blood?? Droopy eyed heffer. She has been married 3 or 4 times but its always the other persons fault….ummm….Lisa – ITS YOU!!!!!!

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