Michael Jackson Cirque du Soliel

Tickets go on sale November 3rd for the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Show – I for one will have my tickets that very day!! Tickets go on sale simultaneously in 25 cities for the largest ever music show!!
The show opens December 15th 2011 and the price of the ticket is yet to be announced.
According to Las Vegas Weekly there are going to be two different show – one that will take residency at one of the venues in Vegas which starts in 2013 and the Michael Jackson show will run for two months and there will be 2 shows a night with 8000 seats each – so 16,000 seats to see MIchaels stuff every night for two fricken months!!!
The other will be on a North American Tour that will run for FOUR years!!! Its expecting to cost roughly $100 million for the two shows and that’s just for the production. Then the cost of the theaters for both shows will add another $100 million to $150 million. According to Daniel Lamarre – who is Head Guy there, the touring show will be just like a live concert.
Mr.Lamarre said it will feel as though Michael is there with video screens behind the artists and techno tricks that will make you think Michael is actually on the stage!!!! He also said “We really want to use the newest, latest of breakthrough technologies that have never been seen before or used theatrically before. There are a lot of conversations going on with a lot of different companies to see who can deliver to us the advanced technology that we’re looking for.”

Have a look at the promo – SOOOO EXCITING!!


Post By Tina


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