I have visions in my head of Michael Jackson rolling in his grave as speak!!When people do wrong I call them out despite my love for then..I am not and I repeat I am not bashing Katherine Jackson, all I am saying is that I’m totally against this as would Michael be – it goes against everything MJ wished for, he went out of this world to shield his kids from media vultures like Oprah and for his kids to do this is like leading the lamb to their slaughter!! Mike was against media tabloid and all that trash/crap and now his kids a doing fucking Oprah? A woman who went out of her way and still does to prove to the general public that Michael was not innocent of the false accusations?? I just have no idea how anybody would paint this to look a good thing!
For the last year and a half I have stood behind the decisions that Katherine Jackson has made but I can not sit back and watch this shit happen anymore. Everything that is happening right now is so totally against everything Michael would have wanted. Putting those kids in front of Oprah is just wrong on so many levels. Michael hated Oprah and he did not hate too many people. Remember – he forgave his Father but he NEVER forgave Oprah. This man had the most forgiving heart and his Family knows what Oprah has done….I really don’t understand. It seems to me that Oprah hates the Jackson’s so I don’t get why she feels the need to continue season after season to keep trying to make money off of the Jackson name by having them on her show..??
Read Here For More Info On Oprahs relationship with MJ

Lisa Marie Presley interview airs this week, now I hate this other fake bish with a passion..all she has done since she divorced MJ is badmouthing him and now she  appears on Oprah’s couch like she is the fucking widow..well guess what you  have not been married to MJ in 15 god damn years so cut that crap out!!  
Guess what else she will be airing this week…..2 shows about Child Molestation….uhhh ….really Oprah?? Why is that I wonder?? Are you AGAIN trying to make the public believe that Michael was guilty?? Even though he was acquitted on all charges? There was NO evidence – none, because nothing happened. It was well documented that Gavin’s mother was a blood sucking scam artist and Evan’s father was from the same sleazy mold. Its been researched and documented #NEXT 
Lisa is going to do no good for Michael or his legacy by being on Oprah. This woman needs to move the hell on and deal with her now husband and the band of children she has.
Watch this short promo and tell me if this line of questioning is ok..I mean – what the hell kind of questions are these??
Click Here For More On LMP & Her Backstabbing Ways!


Please take a moment to read one fans Open Letter to Oprah that she posted on Oprahs website. This is her passionate attempt to find some semblance of a heart and soul in Oprah – I don’t think its possible!

Everyone needs to get the hell of Michael Jacksons back and show him the respect and dignity he deserves!

Updated!! love this comment.”

I’m tired of people sucking LMP’s non-existent dick. “Oh I feel so sorry for her” they say and I’m thinking “Why?” The woman made her own bed and now she can lie in it. She wasn’t respectful about Michael when he was living, so why does she deserve my respect now? She doesn’t. She hasn’t earned it. Lisa spent half a decade trashing Michael in the press and said all she needed to when he was living. She previously said that she “regret[ed] that time period” and that their marriage was a mistake. She called him manipulative and said that he used her. Not to forget that her and Oprah have [B]already[/B] done an interview about Michael years ago, during one of the lowest points of his life, in which they mocked him and laughed at him. And now her and Oprah are talking about realizing he loved her? Bitch shut up and go sob in some sunflowers“.couldnt have said it better 


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