Willow Smith Ends Rihanna’s Career and Pushes Others Into Irrelevance

I’ve been counting the minutes until the premier of this video literally..I haven’t anticipated the release of a video in ages and I must say it was totally worth the wait!! This video has brought  renewed life into a dead music scene….she has more talent in her whipped hair than most of these artists have collectively…this girl just made artists like Keri Hilson and especially Rihanna irrelevant -she snatched their lacefronts wigs and everything and ain’t giving them back!! Willow has more swag and personality than almost anybody in the industry today.
This video is fun..creative fresh and age appropriate! Most of all THERE IS A LOT OF DAMN HAIR WHIPPING GOING ON!!!
Now, I don’t have long hair but after watching this I want to get myself a wig just so I can dip it in paint and whip the HELL out of it!

This video has one of the best intro’s for a video that I have ever seen – from the heart shaped hair to the dipping and spreading the paint through INTENSE hair whipping!! Your fav could never ever beat that!

Whip My Hair BMF
Uploaded by BlakMusicFirst. – Explore more music videos.

I see many Rihanna, Ciara and Keri Hilson fans hating on this 9 year old – are you honestly threatened by a 9 year old girl?? If you are then your favorite artist is not doing something right!
If after you watch this video – you still think Rihanna is talented then you might as well just shoot yourself!


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