JUST a few minutes ago Taj Jackson revealed that he spoke to his cousins and Oprah did indeed interview Michael Jacksons kids. Now, I guess we know its not a rumour anymore..I am saddened, angry and upset about this.
I never agreed with Katherine going on Oprah but I got over it..we all know for a fact that MJ would never want his kids interviewed much less by the woman who crucified him several times and still thinks his guilty of those false accusations!!! We all know Oprah hates the Jackson Family and will jump at the slightest opportunity to portray Michael’s kids as abnormal or weird!!
This is very sad news..and Im so so disappointed with Katherine. MJ went through great lengths to shield his kids from media hungry moguls like oprah and for this to happen is a total disrespect of his wishes!! he will definitely be turning in his grave about this!! Sad times for an mj fan.


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