Michael Jackson Grammy Picks Submitted

Michael Jacksons Family and Estate Managers Team have submitted their picks for the 2010 Grammy Nominations. Let us know whether you agree or disagree – we like to have your opinion so be sure to leave us a comment.

The Grammy Nomination picks are as follows ~

  • Record of The Year – This Is It
  • Song of The Year – This Is It
  • Best Male Pop Vocal Performance – This Is It

The Nominations will be announced during the 3rd Annual Grammy Nominations Concert on December 1st.

This is just my opinion but highly doubt it will win anything – even for a soundtrack single. I have a love\hate relationship with this song….and even though its unfinished it’s still better than the billions of songs out there today. To Michael Jacksons standards – it’s crap!!!! Michael didn’t finish this song and he would be disappointed that’s it’s been released without his finishing touches. It’s just not up to snuff.
It has no spark, no sizzle!
If it does win…in my opinion – it will be a slap in the face for the hundreds of MJ material that deserved Grammys and never won any!!


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