Now this song was released few weeks back and caused a lot of havoc in the music industry… nearly ending the careers of Rihanna, Ciara, Keri Hilson and all the other female artists in the game with her first single ever!!We had all these stars calling her and asking her for their lace fronts and wigs back..well she ain’t giving them back!!
This video is turning out to be exactly what I wanted it to be…. a serious event of intense hair whipping – from the snippet alone it seems like shes gonna push some peoples careers way deeper into obscurity and irrelevancy .. all am gonna say to Beyonce is she needs to watch her throne because there is a new contender that might snatch the crown she has!
On a serious note this girl is pure talent a breath of fresh air!! Pure FIYAAA…she has all the qualities of a future star?? I am not kidding – this girl is already a star and I cant wait for whatever she has to offer in the future! No nine year old has had me whipping any part of my body since young Michael Jackson!! When whip my hair came out I whipped my head so hard that I had neck pains.. now thats what I call talent….check out the snippet of the video that’s gonna end your favs careers!!!



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