MTV – What Exactly IS the Hold Up??

For the last couple months we’ve had a Facebook and Twitter Campaign going to have Michael Jacksons Name reinstated the MTV Video Vanguard Award which has been around since 1984. This award is not given out every years usually – just when the need is there. Its given to Musicians who have had a profound affectthe MTV culture. In 1991 the Award was renamed – The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Sometime after 2005 the removed his name…it was removed at the time Michael was going through court – he was vindicated and proven to be NOT Guilty in a Court of Law. So, my question is – why hasn’t it been put back yet?
A month ago ACMC hosted a Twitterthon in which hundreds of MJ fans blasted MTV in hopes of knocking some sense into them. The responded with a tweet saying they would look into it and get the matter cleared up….ummm….when do ya plan on doing that exactly MTV? I mean, even MTV Europe had a tribute to him and tweeted about the amount of respect they had for MJ and that MTV would not be where it is today without him.

This Man is a Legend, thats why you renamed it in the first place – do the right thing MTV – Please give Michael Jackson the Respect he deserves, it’s past due!
Please Sign Our Petition to Have MTV Put Michael’s name back on that award where it belongs!

Click Here To Sign

MJ Fam – I think the October Twitterthon should be once again directed at MTV – let them know we are still here and we are not going away!


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