Victory Day

Today was a Victorious day for Michael Jackson fans worldwide. For the longest time a group of dedicated, loyal MJ fans have fought tirelessly to have the sign on the Gardner Street School restored. As it stands Michaels name is covered. This is unacceptable to us fans. There was no valid reason to cover it in the first place. With a little help from MJ’s mother Katherine – they finally have agreed to remove the covers!!!
Here is how it looks now ~

And here is the way it should look and soon will~

MJ Fam – You All Rock!!!!
Another Victory today involving a news article in which the writer referred to Michael as an “alleged Child Abuser” The word “Alleged” becomes a non-issue after you have been proven guilty – “Alleged” is someone who has been accused but not yet Judged.
Sooooo needless to say – they got blasted by tweets and emails from MJ fans and a very short time later we got this message –
And I Quote, Hello. Alexis Madrigal, technology channel editor here. I want to offer my personal apology for the misstatement of Michael Jackson’s history here. We understand that Jackson was cleared of wrong doing by a California court and therefore should not be described in the way that we did. We have corrected the post and offer our sincere regret for the error.
No need to mention the name f the website as they apologised and fixed it – Thank You to them for responding!
Michael Jackson Said – there is nothing that can’t be done if we all raise our voice as one!
Remember – when we are united we are strong – divided we are weak, we have to be strong enough to be the voice that Michael so desperately needs right now.
UPDATE – October 16th 2010 – The covers have now been removed!!!!

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