Michael Jackson’s Vision

This is soooo exciting!! On November 22 – the entire collection of Michael Jackson’s Short Films will be released in a box set!!!!!
Michael always referred to his Videos as Short Films and for the first time ever they are available for sale – all 35 of them!!! I know, most of us have all of his videos saved to our computers but this is most definitely a MUST BUY!! It’s selling for $41.28CAD ($39.98USD) and I will be in line for my set!


Here is the TRACKLIST –
Don’t Stop ’Til  You Get Enough
Rock With You
She’s Out Of My Life *
Billie Jean
Beat It
The Way You Make Me Feel
Man In The  Mirror
Dirty Diana
Smooth Criminal
Another Part Of Me
Speed Demon
Come Together
Leave Me Alone
Liberian Girl 


Black Or White
Remember The Time
In The Closet
Heal The World
Give In To Me
Who Is It
Will You Be There
Gone Too Soon
You Are Not Alone
Earth  Song
They Don’t Care About Us
Stranger In Moscow
Blood On The Dance  Floor
Ghosts *
You Rock My World *


Blame It On The Boogie (The Jacksons)*
Enjoy Yourself (The  Jacksons)*
Can You Feel It (The Jacksons)*
Say Say Say (Paul McCartney  & Michael Jackson)
They Don’t Care About Us (Prison Version)*
Why  (3T featuring Michael Jackson)*
One More Chance *

Total Running time: approx 4 ½ hours


source Now some of you MJ fans refuse to buy anything sony related!! If that’s the case stop buying almost everything you use because one way or the other it’s Sony related! You may think Sony had a hand in MJ’s death but that doesnt mean his lifes work should be enjoyed for free..its his gift to his kids so by not buying it ..you are denying his children the money that their father rightfully left for them! TAKING THEIR TRUST FUND AWAY!! NOT HELPING HIS DEBTS FROM BEING PAID .. what kinda fan are you then?? dont do that ..do the right thing!!


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