The Bitter X-Wife!

Lisa Marie Presley is going on Oprah and she is suppose to talk about Michael Jacksons death, why I don’t know. I believe the soul purpose will be to bad mouth Mike. What will she say about Michael? And Why – I mean, the woman is married to someone else now and has children with her new husband, but she still talking about an old ass marriage…smh – how do you explain this sort of behavior/reaction to your husband? I know she was married to Michael and she shared a portion of her life with him. I don’t say she shouldn’t have any feelings or care for the fact that he’s no longer with us…but to act DEVESTATED is odd to me. She has been married TWO men since Michael! TWO!!!!!! You have two more children since Michael and your ass is still boo hooing over Michael as if ya’ll had kids together or were still married? I suppose her new hubby is just glad to be able to spend that Elvis money…so he will put up with shit that most men would not. What pisses me off about the whole thing is that she hasn’t known him or been around him in like 10 years! What gives her a fricken right to talk about him, because she was married to him for two years?
Anything beyond a brief statement from Lisa Marie…is weird and inappropriate.
Lisa has major issues. There is no reason in the world for that woman to bitch about her marriage for that many years. She has been married two more times and had two more children since then. I find it weird that she is going on Orpah to discuss her exhusband. I mean the whole hour talking about him? Seriously? You divorced 14 years ago LISA! I’m not saying Michael was an angel but he was a true gentlemen. The details of a failed marriage is no one’s business. You don’t see Sandra Bullock talking shit about Jessie and we all know he certainly deserves it. It’s called class and she has none. I can understand celebs wanting to an interview after the divorce but certainly not now.  She has said enough for a lifetime.
When they Divorced she had nothing good to say. Find me one picture of Lisa smiling while she is with MJ…?? There may be a small few but remember there are thousands of pictures. She said to Diane Sawyer – They had sex at first, she said, but later “it became ‘Def Con 2.’ … It just got really ugly at the end.”  <<<< ummmm,, what??  What is THAT suppose to mean? She also said “she even felt embarrased about his appearance and being with him in public (Diane Sawyer)
I’m just sooooo sick of LMP using her relationship with Mike to promote herself! LET IT GO…… like you let go of your promise to give Mike some babies before he married you. FU and the sunflowers you rode in on!
Word on the fans boards is that she is only going on Oprah to promote her new album…Ill reserve judgement for the moment.
In my opinion –  ladies like Oprah and Lisa deserve no sympathy from Michael Jacksons fans – these women are not friends of Michaels – they contributed greatly to his demise. They have betrayed him over and over. I dont think because a few “nice” things were said since he passed everything should be forgotten – or forgiven, the damage has been done.
They put the final nail in the coffin – they’re actions they contributed to the fact that we will never be able to see our beloved MJ again.

*Several comment were taken from the fan boards at Lipstick Alley


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