Oprah’s Years of Backstabbing

In 1993 Oprah was granted an interview with Michael Jackson – which put her where she is today in my opinion. In this interview and with clips after she tried to make Michael look like an idiot. This is strike one – watch all parts of the interview here on You Tube
Over the years she has not been kind when talking about Michael. In 2005 when MJ was going through the Criminal Trial Oprah did a show about his guilt. (No link available)
After Michael passed away she was on an interview and again she started with her snide remarks and off handedness which always tells people that she did not believe Michael was no guilty – she said “we will never know the truth now that he is gone” – WTF…really Oprah?? Guess what – he was NOT GUILTY!!!! Watch it here on Oprah did a Tribute Show  for Michael Jackson after he passed away also – or should I say – she did a show about HER feelings about HER interview with him in ’93. Now, I must say I didn’t really expect her to actually tribute him because she has been nothing less than unfair and unbalanced when it comes to MJ but I didn’t expect her to Tribute herself. It was completely deplorable and she could have done a really awesome show talking about him and his humanitarian efforts and all he did for the world but instead – again she flopped. Watch it here on You Tube
Oprah’s most recent MJ folly was a few days ago in Fortune Magazine where she said I quote “The late superstar was so paralyzed by the meteoric success of Thriller that he couldn’t risk his celebrity on a next big thing. “This is why I lived in fear about this network. I kept thinking I have to repeat the 25-year phenomenon of the Oprah show,” she told me. “I don’t want to be M~ichael Jackson.” Now to me this diminishes everything MJ did after Thriller – she has no right to do that.
Michael didn’t have the ego Oprah has so there is no way one could ever compare the two in any reference!! Oprah need to get with it and stop bringing up Micahels name every time her ratings fall because that seems to be the track record!
Oprah Winfrey is just another backstabber in the Life of Michael Jackson!
Written by Tina @QueenBee_73 AKA @MRSIDRAG4MJ on Twitter

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