Due to the overwhelming number of visitors that come her weekly … i have decided to take this to the next level!! changing this from being a mere blog to a music site!!   this current blog is free hosting so there are alot of features am unable to access going to start paying so that i can unlock some great features ,am not certain on the name of the site but it will have something music related in the name..if you have any name  suggestions  about the sites  name please let me know on my twitter account @idrag4mj .. we taking this to the next level!! alot of exciting  things coming up so please stay tuned ..i hope you continue to come here in you thousands like you do..if you also want to become site affiliates with us email us at  ..Now i will resume with my new site by the end of this month … in the mean time i will be blogging on my backup site HERE(MUSIC AND ME) make sure u check there out about all i gotta say about music blah


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