One of the greatest names music has ever known – Legend Toni Braxton just filed for bankruptcy. Now, Im not going to go into the details about this but its said she’s about 50million in debt after she had to cancel a string of shows she was doing in Las Vegas due to health related issues. My problem with is  1.) Why on earth didn’t she have insurance for her health knowing how she has an expensive heart condition. 2. How on earth did, who ever manages her finances allow her to get so deeply indebt??? I just dont understand … 40million albums sold and not 1 cent left. I think somebody really mismanaged her badly!!

This really breaks my heart ….Also her album sales recently havent helped her at all!!! i dont understand why the music industry or the general public mainly in America treats  their ‘black ‘ Music Legends like this 

Her latest album PULSE was actually very good!! Amazing solid effort…yet it was slept on so badly!!  Y’all will prefere to go listen to or buy Soulja Boy or Kesha  albums than to support real music and talent!! MAJOR FAIL


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