Our favorite Idol runner up David Archuleta  sung his was into our hearts on the 7th season of Idol. Since then, he has released 3 studio albums, his Debut,  this one being his sophomore and a Christmas album, selling over 1.1 million albums wordwide!!!

I really enjoyed his debut album and the Christmas album a lot. One of my favorite Christmas collections…I havent heard this new one yet so I will review it as soon as I get my copy. I’m sure its gonna be great!

 His debut was so good – I think I need to write about that album one of these days. My favorite song on that was  his cover of Robbie Williams song ‘Angels’ make sure you pick up the album {legally} support talent …now, if u want to download a Rihanna album illegally I dont care (LOL) but please support REAL talent as we seem to have a scarcity of it in the music industry today – sad but true.


One response to “‘TALENT RELEASES’

  1. You won’t be disappointed, it is a great album. Thought he did a great job with his song writing and the feel good positive vibes.

    Agree, support talent, buy, don’t steal.

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