The short version of this song has been circulating around for some time now ..but the full version was just released a few days jordin is fast becoming one of the best ‘DUET-ERS’  around her song with  Chris Brown and Guy Sebastian are arguably one of the best duets of the this song was impressively good ..i wasn’t expecting it at all since it was recorded for the debut album of a bigtimerush a boy band from a hit T.V show on Nickelodeon .. the vocal harmonizing on the song is just superb ..the production is nothing spectacular but simply and allows them to display their vocal techniques  take a listen you will love this(if you know good music) ..

now what gets me into this song is the lyrics! it so deep …I don’t know whether its cos the lyrics have special meaning to my personal life now…. see for yourselves

“I am about to give my heart so remember this one thing
i have never been in love before so you gotta go easy on me

I heard love is dangerous but you thought you’d never get enough
but the thought of you leaving isn’t easy for me
Dont hurt me, desert me, make me sorry i ever counted on you”


In other news she launched her new fragrance ‘BECAUSE OF YOU’ today .. word on the  street is that its selling out fast so grab yours when you can exclusively here oh and get this single on itunes when it becomes available ! good stuff

Great news ,Jordin’s song, “Battlefield“, won a BMI London Pop award on Tuesday night! The BMI awards are awards that honor the songwriters, composers and music publishers of the year’s most-performed songs. The writer of Battlefield is Wayne Wilkins so congratulations to him and Jordin! 🙂

thanks to our friends at jordinsparkscc

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  1. Love Jordin Sparks!! “No Air” is one of my favourite songs! This girl always seems sincere in her singing & you can feel it to……I really wish her well 🙂

  2. [slides in here] I love this song,. when the full version came out i thought i was going to DIE. it has definitely climbed up on my list of all time favorite songs really quick! Still doesn’t Beat No Air or Art of Love, though!

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