Exposing Canada’s Talent

The first Canadian Idol brought a lot of talent from this region out in the spotlight. Good or bad – hundreds of thousands of people threw caution to the wind and tried out to the First Canadian Idol.
Among them was a young black man from Nova Scotia named Gary Beals.
Gary was one of the last two people in the end and the last show was awesome – I thought for sure he would win, we are so proud of him here. This guy is super talented. Gary didn’t win Canadian Idol unfortunately and I’m wondering WHY no one has saw the potential in him and helped him to the rise of stardom…? We love him here in Nova Scotia and I’m sure he has many fans across Canada and maybe a few in other places but I wish for him to be discovered by someone who can help him polish what he already has. This man has a god given talent to sing and after watching the video I hope you agree!

This song has a techno-ish beat and is VERY dancable. His voice is strong and the song is quite catchy!

I Know You’re Out There ~ Gary Beals



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