The Bitter X-Wife!

Lisa Marie Presley is going on Oprah and she is suppose to talk about Michael Jacksons death, why I don’t know. I believe the soul purpose will be to bad mouth Mike. What will she say about Michael? And Why – I mean, the woman is married to someone else now and has children with her new husband, but she still talking about an old ass marriage…smh – how do you explain this sort of behavior/reaction to your husband? I know she was married to Michael and she shared a portion of her life with him. I don’t say she shouldn’t have any feelings or care for the fact that he’s no longer with us…but to act DEVESTATED is odd to me. She has been married TWO men since Michael! TWO!!!!!! You have two more children since Michael and your ass is still boo hooing over Michael as if ya’ll had kids together or were still married? I suppose her new hubby is just glad to be able to spend that Elvis money…so he will put up with shit that most men would not. What pisses me off about the whole thing is that she hasn’t known him or been around him in like 10 years! What gives her a fricken right to talk about him, because she was married to him for two years?

Anything beyond a brief statement from Lisa Marie…is weird and inappropriate.

Lisa has major issues. There is no reason in the world for that woman to bitch about her marriage for that many years. She has been married two more times and had two more children since then. I find it weird that she is going on Orpah to discuss her exhusband. I mean the whole hour talking about him? Seriously? You divorced 14 years ago LISA! I’m not saying Michael was an angel but he was a true gentlemen. The details of a failed marriage is no one’s business. You don’t see Sandra Bullock talking shit about Jessie and we all know he certainly deserves it. It’s called class and she has none. I can understand celebs wanting to an interview after the divorce but certainly not now.  She has said enough for a lifetime.

When they Divorced she had nothing good to say. Find me one picture of Lisa smiling while she is with MJ…?? There may be a small few but remember there are thousands of pictures. She said to Diane Sawyer – They had sex at first, she said, but later “it became ‘Def Con 2.’ … It just got really ugly at the end.”  <<<< ummmm,, what??  What is THAT suppose to mean? She also said “she even felt embarrased about his appearance and being with him in public (Diane Sawyer)

I’m just sooooo sick of LMP using her relationship with Mike to promote herself! LET IT GO…… like you let go of your promise to give Mike some babies before he married you. FU and the sunflowers you rode in on!

Word on the fans boards is that she is only going on Oprah to promote her new album…Ill reserve judgement for the moment.

In my opinion –  ladies like Oprah and Lisa deserve no sympathy from Michael Jacksons fans – these women are not friends of Michaels – they contributed greatly to his demise. They have betrayed him over and over. I dont think because a few “nice” things were said since he passed everything should be forgotten – or forgiven, the damage has been done.
They put the final nail in the coffin – they’re actions they contributed to the fact that we will never be able to see our beloved MJ again.

*Several comment were taken from the fan boards at Lipstick Alley


26 responses to “The Bitter X-Wife!

  1. GREAT POST!! Here’s some more venom from that dumb ass Lisa Marie

    Gee Lisa just couldn’t keep her mouth shut on him. Kept talking shit with medialoid assassins just to promote her shitty ass music. Now she wants to talk about it YET again

    It seems her family & friends also see Michael as some horrible freak undeserving of being “loved” by Lisa

    She’s now doing to Michael what Priscilla did to Elvis. Bash her famous ex-husband when he’s alive & then play the grieving window once he’s dead. I don’t believe for one second that there were no flowers at Michael’s mausoleum. Lisa wanted attention & to make herself look better which is why she asked for flowers to be placed at his grave.

  2. Madonna could defend Michael in 2003 but Lisa couldn’t. Unlike Lisa, she was never married to Michael. LMP should feel ashamed.

  3. Lisa Marie’s was following Michael around after the divorce. Who was she trying to fool acting like she kept Michael at a distance. She was OBSESSED & STILL IS!! She was writing love letters to him, promising to give him 10 children, begging his family members to convince him to take her back.

    Here she is with Janet in ’97 AFTER the divorce lol

    She spent time with Michael in London in ’97 AFTER the divorce

    She followed Michael to South Africa in ’97 AFTER the divorce

    She even hung around backstage in his dressing room at a HIStory tour concert AFTER the divorce

  4. FUCK LMP..She is 2 faced fake hypocrite with No life who always using MJ for publicity…i’m really SICK of this sick woman

  5. Oh yeah nd Madonna hit it on the NAIL with that comment. Now everybody wants to jump on the fan bandwagon, Bitch Please.!

  6. I love the honesty of this blog, If we put aside for just one min that this is the daughter of Elvis & a chatshow host…Then we would just put it down as two silly women trying to poke the ashes of what once was a marriage!
    Of which you or I would take it as your private business!! But for some reason these women think they have a god given right to talk about Michael’s private life!
    Its simple really, A marriage between 2 people is private, the break-up is private & I personally wouldn’t watch this interview either way as I had stopped watching “Hoe-pra” a long time ago!
    No matter what way the show goes, these 2 women have disrespected Michael time & time again & also have allowed the underlining doubt of innocence regarding Michael…..
    My overall view of it is that it is none of my business what goes on in someone’s marriage nor is it my business what someone’s sexuality is, I mean lets face it “Hoe-prah” if anything was going on with you & Glenda?!?! is that her name? That’s your business not mine, but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!!!!!!!

    • LOL too true.

      Here is Hoe-prah and GAYle touring Graceland. They suck up to Lisa Marie & the Elvis legacy so much, it’s embarrassing. Oprah always has to remind people she’s Lisa Marie’s “cousin”

  7. No words for my disgust. Liar Marie, YOU ARE NOT MICHAEL’S WIDOW!!!!


  8. Excerpt from 2002 Daily Mail article

    Did The King destroy Lisa Marie’s marriage?

    A couple of weeks ago, Lisa Marie Presley and her husband of three months, actor Nicolas Cage, watched on TV news the disturbing footage of Michael Jackson – her ex-husband – dangling his infant son from a balcony in Germany.

    Afterwards, Elvis’s only daughter, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her father, had a furious row with Cage.

    Nicolas, like most people, thought it a bizarre and careless thing to have done – the clumsy way Jackson held the baby, Prince Michael II, so precariously over a ledge, with a cloth thrown over its head.

    However, Lisa Marie felt that Michael’s actions were not at all disturbing and maintained the incident had been blown out of proportion. ‘Michael would never hurt one of his children,’ Lisa Marie said. ‘It was the camera angle that made it look so dangerous.’

    But, as she later recounted to one of her friends, Nicolas demanded to know why she was always so protective of Michael.

    ‘What is that about?’ he asked, trying to dig to the core of her feelings for her second husband. ‘I know you’re not still in love with the guy. Or are you?’

    Six years after her divorce from him, Lisa Marie Presley does have strong feelings for Michael Jackson – though probably not of the romantic variety.

    She speaks to him often and visits him at his Neverland home in California at least once a month.

    For Nicolas to even comment on the long-standing, albeit odd, relationship was not a good idea. Lisa Marie loathes it when others attempt to probe her psyche. ‘Stop trying to analyse me,’ she told him, angrily.

    ‘It went on from there, a disagreement about Lisa not wanting Nicolas to delve into the reasons for her friendship with Michael,’ said Monica Pastelle, a friend of Lisa Marie’s.

    Even Nicholas Cage could see Lisa was still sprung over MJ.

    LMP was elegant, classy, pretty & slim when she was married to MJ. She hasn’t looked like that since. Now she resembles something straight outta the trailer park.

  9. She better not say anything about Michael’s alleged drug use to Orca Winbag. She said she NEVER saw any drugs being taken.

  10. I read somewhere that after the divorce, Michael asked Lisa Marie to NEVER speak about him in the press & she agreed. Then she changed her mind after reading an article where Michael said something about Elvis having plastic surgery. That’s partly why she started bashing him. She is so damn spiteful.

    Here’s another video on Michael’s reasons for NOT taking Lisa back.

  11. LMP, Toronto Sun – 2003
    “The thing is that I would have never had children with somebody I didn’t think I could be connected to for the rest of my life. Somewhere along the line, I had enough sense to know that.”

    MSN Chat, April 4, 2003
    dandystuff in Onstage_1 asks: Do you hate Michael Jackson?
    Lisa_Marie_Presley says: No I do not hate Michael Jackson. The opposite of love is not hate it’s indifferent. I’m indifferent.

    LMP, LA Times – April 6th, 2003
    What about the recent documentaries on Jackson? Does she feel sorry for all the public ridicule?
    “I did see the British program, and it does look like he was set up,” she responds. “But, no, I could never feel sorry for Michael Jackson.”

  12. LMP is not very bright. The reason Mike knew he would die young was because of a prophetic dream his true love had.

    The sunflowers made him happy because at the entrance to the room where he and his true love met was a print of the Manet painting of the girl in the sunflower garden.

    The “break of dawn” was his and his true love’s favorite time of the day. YANA was written (supposedly by R. Kelly) in response to his true love’s cry that she was all alone. The video itself has a private secret message to his true love. Notice his part with LMP was a reinactment based on the painting “Break Of Dawn”.

    LMP you got played. MJ took Elvis’s little girl and used her for his sexual gratification and other purposes since she ran him down thinking she could control him. Elvis took from black people, a black man (whether you remembered or not as you forgot on Howard Stern) took from you.

    It’s clear the force had you sprung, but he had a woman over 20 years who he adored. That’s where he was when he’d disappear on you.

    He was not hiding being gay, he was hiding a woman, a wife, a soulmate and his heart. I think you found that out and that is why you were so bitter. You know Invincible was not written about you.

    She understands more than you know. Time to cut the bullcrap and tend to your own husband.

  13. Lisa Marie isn’t thrilled by Mahiki’s dance mix
    London Lite
    Updated 15:22pm on 14.10.09

    Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley was close to tears last night when one of his records was played while she was on the dance floor.

    Elvis’s 41-year-old daughter, who was married to the Bad singer in 1994 for less than two years, was at Mahiki in Mayfair with her mum Priscilla for the Paul Smith store launch party

    Our spy told us: “Lisa Marie was having a great time with her friends. She was dancing away until Thriller was played.

    “Without warning, she walked off the dance floor and went back to her seat and looked really upset.”

  14. “I didn’t know how long it would take, I didn’t know when. I just knew there was going to be a karma situation. You can’t possibly conduct yourself a certain way and get away with it. I knew the karma police were coming. Do I feel guilt that I left him? On the contrary.”

    The Mirror, LMP 2003

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