"Just the way you Are" ~ Bruno Mars (Blog Post By – Christina Desousa)

This Song is truly amazing. From the piano to the beat, It’s good to have real talent coming through again. This song will make you get into it, and feel relaxed from the soothing instruments being played to his soft outstanding voice. In this song Mr. Mars is speaking of a girl who he finds is perfect in every way possible. He speaks about her appearance and how she is so beautiful and wouldn’t change anything about her. There is one downfall to this song, but it’s not bad. I think that this song would be better if the lyrics would be something about her personality or what she likes or what she does rather than all about her appearance. Bruno Mars is a fresh young talented individual that plays drums, guitar, keyboard and bass. My prediction is that Bruno Mars will go a long way in his music career. Overall this song is beautiful, adorable and will get you singing right from the beginning.

BLOG BY – Christina Desousa



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