Nikki Yanofsky – Canada’s Hidden Gem

I know that coming from Canada Musicians don’t get the respect they deserve in other regions and this little lady is no different. Sure, we love Nikki Yanofsky over here on her home land and but she hasn’t really been discovered globally yet and that’s a shame, you’re really missing out! 

Nikki has 2 albums out so far and several singles – some of you may remember her from the 2010 Winter Olympics which were held in Vancouver Canada.
At the Winter Games Nikki sang O Canada, Canada’s National Anthem and she sang with Eva Avila at the Games, who won Canadian Idol in 2006, another hidden gem – Ill blog on her at a later date.
Nikki also sang “I Believe” and let me tell you – this girl can belt out a tune, her vocal poweress is amazing!! This girl, at 16 is just oooozzzzzing talent!! She sounds as though she has perfect pitch when you listen to her and she is awesome to listen to.
Its my prediction that Miss Nikki will go a long way in her career as she has already sang with some of the great such as  Wyclef Jean – Celine Dion – Herbie Hancock and She also has a song on The Ella Fitzgerald Tribute Album called “Airmail Special”
You might want to keep an eye on this girl – she is on fire!!


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