The Revolution of Social Media

I was involved in a campaign a few days ago about MTV restoring Michael Jacksons name to the Video Vanguard Award.
Some people have asked me “Why are you advocating for this – why now?” Well the truth is that social media has changed the way fans have access to huge corporations and Artists over the years.
Through sites like Twitter – we are able to voice our disagreements frustrations and concerns about a particular topic, situation even or Artist directly to them.
Twitter has evolved the way fans have access to huge corporations. A few years or even months ago it was almost impossible to let bigger establishments like MTV or VH1 know what we thought of a situation or something they did but now we can and that’s why we are using this medium to get our message across. In another aspect Twitter has given us direct access to music artist we like and we are able to tell them what we think about some of the decisions they make in their careers, Perhaps tell them what we think about a particular song or types of songs we want to hear from them.
All in all, it has given us fans – ordinary people a voice and a big one at that!
It has also revolutionised the way we use social media!

2 responses to “The Revolution of Social Media

  1. I love the fact that we have places like twitter to voice our concerns. We can, when having an issue, go straight to the source! The internet age has changed the world in soooo many ways!

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